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RI DIGITAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is based in Vadodara, Gujarat, and operates in various regions and countries. RI DIGITAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a private limited company based in India. Founded by Mr. Jalpesh Thakkar in 2016, the company works in the IT, Digital Services, Travel, Transportation, etc. sectors. The company is also recognised by Startup India by the government of India. The company applies modern managerial techniques to give the best services with efficient managerial abilities.

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Jalpesh Thakkar

Jalpesh Thakkar – Story of a Serial Entrepreneur elevated various brands under RI DIGITAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. Entrepreneurship is difficult, and reaching the pinnacles of success necessitates a serendipitous mix of dedication, passion, people, and, occasionally, a dash of good fortune. It’s also important to get sound guidance. There is no better source of knowledge than individuals who have successfully navigated the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship, especially if they have done so multiple times. Over the course of his entrepreneurial career, Jalpesh Thakkar has established three brands: RITRAVELO, RIDIGITALO, etc. all of which are owned by his company RI DIGITAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.

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Our Journey So Far


Mr. Jalpesh Thakkar founded the company under the main name of RI GROUP COMPANIES in 2016. Under this name, he started a digital service agency called RIDIGITALO, which offers a wide range of services such as website design, digital marketing, SEO, brand promotion, brand marketing, social media advertising, and more.


Following the success of RIDIGITALO, he established RITRAVELO, a travel agency that offers services such as flight ticket booking, hotel booking, private and group tour packages, travel visas, and travel insurance.



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